Our i-Speak programme will enable students to speak confidently and convincingly to an audience that will accelerate their personal goals as well as their school's mission. Students will develop the oratory and non-verbal skills while incorporating and understanding the appropriate uses of the rhetoric skills at different situations.  



This programme will enable students to develop convincing and persuasive arguments, expressive skills to get their point across successfully and promote listening skills. It will accelerate effective communication in students promoting productivity at project works, boost their confidence and be an active contributor.


Students will be able to define their goals and be guided towards achieving it through our i-Productive programme. Students will be able to learn to manage their time and prioritise their tasks and be trained to measure their progress. Students will inculcate the habit of being organized and harnessing the power of the mind.


i-Lead programme provides foundational understanding of living up to one's living values, challenging the process in improving situations or problem creatively, enabling peers to contribute in achieving shared goals, inadvertently promoting personal growth for self and peers.



This programme will lead students to the realisation of self-awareness and provoke the best to emerge, unlock potential and evoke excellence within themselves. Students will be able to think out of the box, get out of their comfort zone and be more productive. This will promote their personal growth, adapt and manage transitions and the dynamics of team, display social emotional intelligence, re-evaluate their life and reinforce the value in it, be able to seize opportunities for change or dare to initiate change for sustainable growth and outstanding achievements.


i-Groom programme will equip students with the fine social graces that will provide them the ability to make friends, develop positive reputation and succeed in their undertakings of leading roles at school as well as at community clubs. This will place students to fit in socially with highly educated, reputed and cultivated individuals and making a lasting impression. Their gracious etiquette will portray their considerate and attentive behaviour to others’ needs and display appropriate behaviour at various events. Adapting to social etiquette will make students stand out from the crowd, heighten their confidence and gives them an edge over others.


Our i-Motivate programme help students to have a vision of their future and focus on how to achieve their aspirations. Students will understand the importance of self-discipline and time-management and in achieving their personal goals. Once they have defined their goals, they are able to have an action plan that will guide them towards their journey to achieve success by monitoring their progress, be resilient when they fail and develop a different approach in achieving their goals.


Our we-Build programme, equip students with socio emotional competencies at working cohesively within a team, develop motivation and inspiration for team members, improve communication skills, elevate confidence and foster trust, shares wins and success, making each team member feels valuable and appreciated. It will develop respect and tolerance from different cultures and background.

Our Commitment

At Wisaal, we are working with our clients to cater to the needs of our future ambassadors. We believe the students should be given the opportunities to develop their potentials to the fullest. Working together with educational institutions we deliver the processes in Making Your MARQUE at every stage of the students’ learning journey. We deploy various teaching pedagogies for students to assimilate to the attributes and elements in becoming a productive individual whereby they will develop the 21st Century Skills. Our selected trainers, approved by Ministry of Education, have minimum of 3 years experience of trainings at developing students growth and potentials. Our programmes are customised to the institutions’ requirements for the students’ needs designed by our subject matter expert.

Our Pedagogy

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning promotes individual growth and team spirit effectively. Experiential learning is adaptable for individual style, preferences, strengths and provide direction. This approach will enable students to reflect upon their experience and develop analytical skills and make a meaningful decision at problem solving tasks. Students will be able to internalise positive emotional effects, remarkable confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of personal growth, value and purpose through the experience and involvement and promote teamwork through effective communication skills

Transformative Learning

This is a process of effecting change in the frame of reference, which delimits students’ expectations, perceptions, cognition and feelings.  Transformative learning theory leads them to view learning as a process of becoming aware of one's assumptions through experiential learning and revising these assumptions. Transformative learners tend to adapt to new ways of looking at their practice, revise their views, and act based on new perspectives that is relevant for change.

Our pedagogies are activity and challenge-based for students to retain knowledge gained through experiential and transformative learning making it semantic.

Our Consultants

Hawamah Abu  Bakar

Wan Halena Alias

Kris Loy

Our Consultants come from diverse background and experience in promoting lifelong learning.  We also engage partners and consultants in learning and organization development, psychology and education to assist clients in providing holistic customised solutions.  Our learning and development experience includes courseware development for educational institutions, professional development programmes, workplace learning and learning journey programmes.

- BSc, Psychology & Counselling

- TESOL Certified

- ACTA Certified

- Curriculum Developer

- Coach / Trainer


- BSc, Business & Management


- ACTA Certified

- Learning Strategist

- Action Learning Facilitator

- Instructional Designer

- MA, Lifelong Learning

- DACE Certified

- ACTA Certified

- ACCDF Certified

- SkillsFuture Mentor

- Workplace Learning Specialist

GCDF-Singapore Certificate, CCE


Our Purpose

Wisaal has the vision to support government agencies, organisations and individuals in capacity building and growth to create meaningful impact to oneself and the community. Wisaal believes in creating value and provide a customized holistic solution for development and transformation. Wisaal is dedicated to serve with pride in providing values that inspires a sense of meaning and purpose in life. This philosophy underlies in all our learning and development programmes and consulting services.

Our Services

We co-create with partners for a customized holistic solution for development and transformation in line with our clients' vision.

Wisaal Learning Journey  focuses on designing Singapore transformation experiences with the aim of sharing Singapore success stories and best practices. The programme aim to give the participants an appreciation of the universal values that Singapore has managed to successfully apply to achieve its present status, so as to encourage participants to think how they can apply these values in their own context for personal success.

Wisaal Enrichment provides life skills programme for the youth to empower them towards developing the 21st Century Skills. The full suite of programmes is provided under the 'Make Your Marque' branding.

Wisaal Consultancy provides transformation and development services that leverages on local and international partners, to capture and enable best practices and transfer of knowledge. This includes strategic advice and solutions for business development including learning and development consultancy. 

Our Logo

​Wisaal is an Arabic word, which carries many meaning, all of which revolve around a sense of connections; connections between the self & ones own spirit, the self and others, the self and the universe. Furthermore, it suggests connections between ideas & actions, emotions & thought, the body & the soul. For us, Wisaal is all about working with others and trusting that bond, a bond with the individual, the community and the universe.

Wisaal Singapore Pte Ltd

Six Battery Road

Level 42

Singapore 049909


Email: info@wisaal.com.sg



Empowering productivity through 21st Century Skills

Johari Window terminology refers to 'self' and 'others'. The four Johari Window perspectives 'areas' contain and represent the information - feelings, motivation, that is known about the person, in terms of whether the information is known or unknown by the person, and whether the information is known or unknown by others in the group.

Aligned with Ministry Of Education framework, we aim to broaden the Open Area for students, in helping them to develop their potentials to the fullest in achieving productivity for self, team, school community and citizens. This will eliminate distractions, mistrust, confusion and conflicts when working towards achieving shared goals and personal goals.

Wisaal aims to propel students to equip themselves with the 21st Century Skills by making them aware of their capabilities, improving themselves through our development programmes. The Johari Window is used for understanding and training self-awareness, personal development, improving communications, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, team development and inter-group relationships.

The size of the open area can also be expanded vertically downwards into the hidden or avoided space by the person's disclosure of information, feelings, etc about him/herself to the group and group members. Group members can also help to develop others in their team through social emotional skills.


The learning process will guide students to acquire the necessary elements to make their MARQUE. The students will be able to reflect and evaluate their progress at every stage of their learning journey in accomplishing success at school, career and in life. We ensure that students are well equipped with the core values of the 21st Century Skills as future ready citizens.



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